VII All-Russian festival “Architectural Heritage 2024” will be held from June 13 to 15, 2024 in Tyumen


STUDIO-TA wishes you a happy New Year holidays!


The bureau’s birthday!


Diploma of participation in the special project “Wind” of the festival “Zodchestvo 2023”

The XXXI International Festival “Zodchestvo 2023” ended in Gostiny Dvor Exhibition Complex. The organizers summed up the results of the competition and exhibition programs of the festival.


General Director of the of STUDIO-TA’s Yerevan office on the jury of the competition program “Zodchestvo 2023”.


Special project “Wind” by the architectural bureau STUDIO-TA at the International Architectural Festival “Zodchestvo 2023”

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Today, the Gostiny Dvor Exhibition Complex hosted the opening of the XXXI International Architectural Festival “Zodchestvo 2023”. The organizer of the festival is the Union of Architects of Russia.


New awards of the “Eurasian Prize!”

Two STUDIO-TA projects have been awarded the “Eurasian Prize 2022” in the field of architecture.


ArchGlass, the V International Forum of Architectural Glass Industry, took place in
Moscow’s Central House of Architects in July.


Tigran Badalyan raised the issue of authorship in relation to the STUDIO-TA competition project on the example of the Wedding Palace in Gubkin at the ARCH MOSCOW 2023
As part of the business program of the ARCH of MOSCOW, various situations related to legislation in architecture were also discussed today in the lecture hall “ARCH-DIALOG”.


The founder of STUDIO-TA Tigran Badalyan is officially a professor of MAAM
The awarding ceremony of professors who joined the International Academy of Architecture in Moscow took place today at the Moscow Arch in Gostiny Dvor.


Aesthetics of big glass: Tigran Balayan’s comment
Complex large-format glazing is increasingly being used in new commercial and residential facilities. New technologies of glass production and installation help to increase the qualitative growth of such projects.


Next Friday, May 26, the head of the architectural bureau STUDIO-TA Tigran Badalyan will take part in a discussion within the framework of the ARCH of MOSCOW on the topic of legislation in architecture.


Talk about quality architecture

The wedding Palace STUDIO-TA was awarded at the architectural competition “GOLDEN SECTION 2023” as a conceptual project


Last Thursday, March 23, on the eve of the Golden Section 2023 festival, a panel discussion was held with the active participation of the founder and CEO of the architectural bureau STUDIO-TA Tigran Badalyan. The topic of the conversation is the quality of architecture, which depends on “quality”\ qualifications of architects.


STUDIO-TA architects visited the largest metal structures factory

Tigran Badalyan, founder and CEO of the STUDIO-TA architectural bureau, together with studio specialists visited the territory of “AGRISOVGAZ”, the largest production complex in Russia…


We invite architects to the discussion

On March 23, Tigran Badalyan will take part in the panel discussion “I/We are the architect/s” of the Golden Section Festival in the White Living Room of the Central House of the Architect


Concept of integrated territory’s development of a residential quarter called “Krasniy Prosveshchenetc” awarded with a special festival’s diploma “House on Brestskaya street”

On June 28th, there was V International Festival’ “House on Brestskaya street invites: Architecture, design, landscape 2022” grand ceremony in Moscow.


Everything in architecture revolves around balance: Tigran Badalyan, CEO of STUDIO-TA

ARCH MOSCOW 2022 was held on a grand scale in Gostiny Dvor. STUDIO-TA, standing on the threshold of its 15th anniversary…


From “garden–city” to “city–park”: CEO of STUDIO-TA Tigran Badalyan presented a new project in Nizhny Novgorod at ARCH MOSCOW

Today, on June 11th, on the final day of main architectural exhibition in Russia, during the pitch by founder, CEO of STUDIO-TA, architect Tigran Badalyan accompanied by urban defender …


“Arch-object” by STUDIO-TA best revealed the main topic of ARCH MOSCOW, which is “sustainability”

“Arch-object” called “The Golden Mean” created by STUDIO-TA in honor of its 15th anniversary and especially for International Exhibition’s of Architecture and Design ARCH MOSCOW 2022 …


“The Golden Mean” – “arch-object” created by STUDIO-TA is the most popular photo spot at ARCH MOSCOW 2022

“Arch-object”, that is called “The Golden Mean” and made by STUDIO-TA, was created for 15th anniversary of the bureau and specifically for the main architectural exhibition in Russia – ARCH MOSCOW…


Tigran Badalyan presented a new product of residential architecture at ARCH MOSCOW 

Today the founder and CEO of STUDIO-TA Tigran Badalyan talked on a new studio project at a case session called: “Architectural stories. Innovations” at ARCH MOSCOW 2022. The session was held at Arch-Dialog hall in Gostiny Dvor in Moscow.


Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov and President of Russian Union of Architects Nikolai Shumakov visited “arch-object” made by STUDIO-TA and dedicated to sustainability at the opening of ARCH MOSCOW

Chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov and president of Russian Union of Architects Nikolay Shumakov visited the stand of the architectural bureau STUDIO-TA and personally accompanied by Tigran Badalyan


Team members of STUDIO-TA “reflect” on sustainability in architecture at ARCH MOSCOW opening  


Today, the exhibition ARCH MOSCOW 2022 opened in Gostiny Dvor. The architectural bureau STUDIO-TA in honor of its 15th anniversary presented its large-scale “arch-object” called “The Golden Mean”…


On the eve of its 15th anniversary STUDIO-TA is taking part in ARCH MOSCOW 2022


Main professional event of the year – ARCH MOSCOW – starts tomorrow, June 8th. The architectural bureau STUDIO-TA takes part in the exhibition, conducts case sessions and presents its “arch-object” in the exhibition area. What awaits us at ARCH MOSCOW this year?


Concept of integrated territory’s development of a residential quarter called “Krasniy Prosveshchenetc” represented by CEO of STUDIO-TA Tigran Badalyan in Nizhny Novgorod

The day before, at a meeting organized by the Ministry of Urban Development and Agglomerations of Nizhny Novgorod region, residents of “Krasniy Prosveshchenetc” were presented with options for the integrated development of the territory for discussion.


Welcome to a brand new residential product’s pitch in Russian real estate market by STUDIO-TA

At ARCH MOSCOW 2022, the founder and head of STUDIO-TA Tigran Badalyan will be one of the speakers during the case session: “Architectural stories. Innovations”, which will be held in Gostiny Dvor on June 9th. The topic of his pitch is called “Villarium: a new product in the residential real estate market”.


Residential complex “Novatoria” according to the project made by STUDIO-TA is recognized by independent Moscow experts as a “D-class smart home”

During the period from October 2021 to March 2022, all new buildings in Russia were evaluated for compliance with the parameters of the “Smart House”, ranking was made and class was assigned to all newly built and newly built residential complexes…


CEO of STUDIO-TA Tigran Badalyan in collaboration with architectural producer Lucy Malkis took their own initiative to create an alternative project of the residential quarter “Krasniy Prosveshchenetc”, the results of which will be presented at ARCH MOSCOW

Since the beginning of 2022, the creative team of architectural bureau STUDIO-TA has been working on a voluntary basis…


Construction work is still going on the territory of the residential complex “Minopolis Divnoe” in Moscow region

Every day brings us closer to making the residential complex “Minopolis Divnoe” your home, says the representative of the developer JSC “City-XXI century”, for which STUDIO-TA fulfilled the architectural concept…


Construction work is still going on the territory of the residential complex “Minopolis Divnoe” in Moscow region

Every day brings us closer to making the residential complex “Minopolis Divnoe” your home, says the representative of the developer JSC “City-XXI century”, for which STUDIO-TA fulfilled the architectural concept. …


Project BY STUDIO-TA – the residential complex “Novatoria” – took the 1st place among residential buildings in Primorskiy Region – ERZ.RF RATING

The residential complex “Novatoria” designed by the architects of STUDIO-TA, took a leading place among the residential complexes of Primorskiy region according to results of the All-Russian rating “TOP residential complexes” …


Chief architect of Moscow Region has specially noted the residential complex “Minipolis Dyvnoe” by STUDIO-TA in the end of 2021

Traditionally main architectural portal of Russia Archi.ru reviews and discusses the most notable and significant projects and buildings of our country at the end of the year…


STUDIO-TA greets upcoming NEW YEAR holidays!

STUDIO-TA is completing this working 2021 year, which has become a locomotive for the studio and our team for many reasons and is marked by great success…


STUDIO-TA got a special mention by the jury of international competition “GOLDEN TREZZINI”

The projects by STUDIO-TA that participated in “Golden Trezzini 2021” showed high results in the voting and received Special Mention diplomas. They are the residential complex “Marinist” in Vladivostok and the sales office for the residential complex “Peredelkino blizhnee” for the company “Absolute Real Estate” in Moscow.


Residential complex “Minipolis Dyvnoe” created by STUDIO-TA for “CITY-XXI CENTURY” got shortlisted for URBAN AWARDS 2021

The residential complex “Minopolis Dyvnoe”, the concept of which was made by STUDIO-TA, got finalist’s prize of Urban Awards in the category “Best comfort-class residential complex under construction in the Moscow region” this year. The project was shortlisted for the award.



On December 12, today the architectural bureau STUDIO-TA celebrates its 14th anniversary.

Back in the first year of the bureau’s creative activity, in 2007, when a small but ambitious team worked at STUDIO-TA, architect, inspirer, founder and CEO Tigran Badalyan conceived an idea of developing the studio as a self-sufficient “territory of architecture”.



Projects designed by STUDIO-TA were included in the album on the best architectural solutions of the CIS countries for past 30 years

At the end of 2021, the album on the best architectural solutions of the CIS countries for 30 years of sovereignty was just published. Among the works selected for the book there were several projects made by STUDIO-TA…


Leading concept by STUDIO-TA for the wedding palace in Belgorod region in detail


Competition on architectural concept for a new wedding palace in Gubkin city situated in Belgorod region was announced in August this year by the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of Belgorod region…


Residential complex “NOVATORIA” designed by STUDIO-TA FOR “Areal-development” won EUROPEAN PROPERTY AWARDS 2021-2022 in London 

The project of the residential complex “Novatoria” made by STUDIO-TA for the company “Areal-Development” became a winner of prestigious international competition in the field of real estate European Property Awards in the nomination “Residential High Rise Development, Russia, Far East”…


CEO of STUDIO-TA Tigran badalyan took part in jury session of the architectural competition “LOVCI SOLNCA”  

On November 10, 2021, there were the final events of the architectural competitive concepts for designing a gated community in Nizhny Novgorod region “Lovci Solnca” that took place in Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin’s Arsenal building…