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STUDIO-TA architects visited the largest metal structures factory


Talk about quality architecture

Last Thursday, March 23, on the eve of the Golden Section 2023 festival, a panel discussion was held with the active participation of the founder and CEO of the architectural bureau STUDIO-TA Tigran Badalyan. The topic of the conversation is the quality of architecture, which depends on “quality”\ qualifications of architects.
The given topic of the business program brought together professionals of their field at one table. The architects talked about how the profiles and competencies of architects affect the quality of architecture and the urban environment. Among the participants of the discussion were also:

Alexey Komov, Chief Architect of Kaluga, First Vice-President of the Union of Moscow Architects;
Oleg Ivanov, architect, member of the Union of Moscow Architects, Technical Director of TPO “Pride” LLC;
Sergey Glubokin, Deputy Head of the Department of the Architectural Council of the Committee on Architecture and Urban Planning of the City of Moscow;
Vadim Grekov, Managing Director of Mosproekt-4 JSC, Chief Architect;
Stanislav Kulish, Architect, Head of LABVA PRO LLC, Member of the Board of SMA, Professor of MARCHI, Department of Industrial Architecture;
Oleg Shapiro, architect, co-founder of the architectural bureau “Wowhaus”;
Yulia Khapkina, Chief Architect of IND architects;
Sergey Gogolkin, Head of the architectural and design workshop of TPO “Pride” LLC;
Kirill Gubernatorov, architect, partner of the architectural bureau “Megabudka”.

The masters unanimously came to the conclusion: the shortage of highly qualified architects, especially GAPS, affects the entire design process and, as a result, the architectural appearance of projects.

Photos provided by the Union of Archtectors of Russia

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