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Concept of integrated territory’s development of a residential quarter called “Krasniy Prosveshchenetc” awarded with a special festival’s diploma “House on Brestskaya street”


Updated photos of the residential complex "Minipolis Divnoe"

“The choice of color and the general symbolism of the corporate identity of the complex is also not accidental. They allow us to consider the residential complex “Minopolis Divnoye” as a single art object,” say the authors of the architectural concept of the Moscow residential complex, specialists of the STUDIO-TA bureau. Today we present new photos of the object – in the latest material of the magazine “Project Russia”.
“Minopolis Divnoye” is a new realized residential quarter on the border of the Lenin State Farm and the city of Vidnoye, inspired by modern Dutch architecture, and with views of gardens and farmland quite characteristic of the latter. The thirteen buildings of the Minopolis are located along the perimeter of the rectangular plot in three blocks, so that most of the apartments have a view of the adjacent apple orchard, fields or green boulevard inside the block.
The STUDIO-TA team, which won the architectural solutions competition, chose an alignment with the Dutch style in its modern interpretation: laconic facades made of brick and white stone, clinker tiles, panoramic glazing and even triangular pediments of facades. The relatively small number of floors of 4-6-8 floors makes the complex commensurate with the person and the nature visible from the windows and much more intimate than many recent projects near Moscow.

The material about the project with updated photos of the implementation is published on the website of the Project Russia magazine:

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